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Rebuilding after a flood

Marinas changing hands isn't uncommon – but a marina changing hands and almost immediately getting wiped off the chart? That's a different story.

In April 2011, torrential rains and heavy snowmelt combined to spark weeks of flooding that caused tens of millions of dollars worth of damages throughout New York's North Country and both coasts of Lake Champlain.

Our 300-slip marina, hopping restaurant & bar, and lakeside pool became the labor of love you see today. Cheers us on as we make updates and we'll be back at our pre-flood glory in no time.

Some helpful posts on the 2011 flood:

Here's a great illustration of the Lake Champlain flood plain from the International Joint Commission, which prevents and resolves disputes between Canada and United States under the Boundary Waters Treaty.

Lighthouse Marina on Lake Champlain is a family-owned marina, without a corporate backing (and we like it that way!) or full-time staff. If you have docks or marine equipment you're looking to offload, we'd love to hear from you.

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